Together we can build a new Haiti for all!

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UNIFA Needs Your Donations Now to Support Scholarships and the Construction of the UNIFA Teaching Hospital/Medical Center where UNIFA students will receive their practical experience and local families will receive quality health care from some of Haiti's top doctors.

Your Donations Made it Possible to Create and Open UNIFA's ANATOMY LAB last semester for use by all of UNIFA's upper class medical students. 

Please donate through the secure Donate Now button on the right of this screen or download the uBack app on your smart phone, enter UNIFA and donate easily via your cell phone. You can also read updates about UNIFA on the uBack app.

Or, you can donate by mailing your check or money order payable to PEDHH to: 

Partnership for Education, Democracy and Health in Haiti
951 Crandon Blvd., P.O. Box 490271
Key Biscayne, Florida 33149 

Donations are tax deductible in the United States in accordance with the law and will be acknowledged. A copy of our 990 Form is available upon request.

Pay towards tuition for a student scholarship: $780 per year or make donations on a monthly or weekly basis. 

Join us towards funding construction, furnishing, medical equipment and operating costs of UNIFA's teaching hospital where UNIFA medical students will do internships gaining critical practical experience.

"I urge all those who care about investing in the future of Haiti to support UNIFA." Dr. Paul Farmer   

International Support
A portion of UNIFA’s budget comes from student tuition. UNIFA depends on international support for the rest. The reopening of UNIFA was possible due to generous donations from Partners in Health and the California-based Haiti Emergency Relief Fund (HERF). To keep the doors open requires sustained international help.

Donate material goods
Medical supplies, equipment and furnishings are needed for the UNIFA teaching hospital/medical center under construction.

Volunteer as a Guest Lecturer or Teacher at UNIFA in Haiti. Write for additional to: Info@FriendsofUNIFA.org

Lead a delegation to visit UNIFA in Haiti

Partner with UNIFA
Universities, NGOs, foundations, corporate sponsorship are critical to sustaining UNIFA's work and to building and maintaining its teaching hospital that will serve thousands of families with quality healthcare, equipment and medicines.

Join Friends of UNIFA
Please join us in our mission to raise funds, sponsor or host one of our fundraising, information or special events in the United States or Haiti.  Educate the public about UNIFA, raise materials goods, recruit guest lecturers, encourage and organize delegation visits to UNIFA in Haiti, etc. Volunteer remotely or in person.

For further information, please write us at Info@FriendsofUNIFA.org