Monday, June 20, 2016


UNIFA is unique for its emphasis on human rights,  
dignity, and inclusiveness as the path to a new and just Haiti


Most people in the U.S. hear about Haiti only after a disaster.  Earthquake, Hurricane, Cholera Outbreak, Human Rights Violations.  And then the inevitable ask for funds.  The needs are great and the disasters are real.  But we know that very little of the money ever reaches those on the ground.  And worse, this story, the only story we ever hear, reinforces the image of Haiti holding out the everlasting begging bowl. 

How do we crack open that story?  How do we work on the roots of the problems?  How do Haitians write a new narrative? 

UNIFA, is a fully credited Haitian University, offering degrees in Medicine, Engineering and Law.   Founded by former President Jean Bertrand Aristide and staffed by Haitian faculty, UNIFA now has over 1,200 students studying on its campus in Tabarre.  Most of these students come from the groups who have traditionally been excluded from any access to higher education, more than half of them are women and at UNIFA they get a world class education for about one-half of what it costs at a private university in Haiti. 

Most importantly UNIFA is training Haitian professionals to solve Haitian problems. Doctors and nurses to treat and prevent cholera. Engineers to build buildings that withstand earthquakes and floods. Lawyers to champion the rights of Haiti's poor majority. Young people with the skills and knowledge to lead their country forward. 

This year we ask you to invest in a new narrative about Haiti. 

UNIFA, the University of the Aristide Foundation

Please join UNIFA's Campaign for Dignity to fund construction, medical equipment, furnishings and operating costs for this important medical center that will provide UNIFA medical students with practical experience and at the same time provide necessary medical care to those in the region unable to access health care. Please click on our Donate button to make your contribution.

Anatomy Lab completed Summer 2017 

UNIFA's teaching hospital/medical center construction is underway! See photos, maps, graphics and description.

Diagnostic Center under construction